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LB112 6" Round Weighted Lamp Base

Designed for LS843, LM128, LM135, LM728. Available in Black or White.


LB113 10-pound Rectangular Lamp Base

Designed for LC539, LS846, LM729. Available in Black, Ivory, or White.



TG475 3-Way Tite-Grip Flexible Clamp

Designed for all swing-arm lamps. Available in Black, or White.




TG967 Tite-Grip Plastic Clamp

Designed for all lite weight swing-arm lamps. Available in Black or Ivory.




LB122 8-inch 22-watt Circuline Tube.



LB130 9-inch 30-watt Circuline Tube.


LL002 5 Inch Diameter Acrylic Lens

Replacement for LM747, LM727, LM777, LM128 and LM228.

LL003 5-inch round, 3-diopter Lens

Designed for magnifier lamps.

LL005 5-inch round, 5-diopter Lens

Designed for magnifier lamps.

LL006 6-inch round, 3-diopter Lens

Designed for LM765 Big Mag lamps.

LL007 6 inch 5-diopter lens

For LM765 Big Mag lamp.

BL022 22-watt Ballast

Designed for 22-watt fluorescent lamps.


BL030 30-watt Ballast

Designed for 30-watt fluorescent lamps.

CW376 Universal Vertical Wall-Mount Clamp

Designed for all swing-arm lamps.Black or white.


DF616 Molded Plastic Diffuser for 5-inch Swing-Arm Magnifiers

Designed for protection of LM747 lamp series.


LB009 PL Lamp Tube


For the LM775 Omega lamp

LB110 100-watt Halogen Tube

For LH365.


DF22 Molded Plastic Diffuser

LM747 Visual Mate

SS022 Starter

Designed for 22-watt or 30-watt circuline tube.


SS539 Light Switch

Designed for LC539 and LM729.


18-watt Ballast

Designed for LM727 and LM777.



22-watt Ballast

Designed for LM747.


12-volt Transformer

Designed for LM128 and LM228.


LB120 20-watt Halogen Bulb

For LM128 and LM228 Magnifier lamps.

LB115 18-inch 15-watt Fluorescent Tube

For LD658 and LD659 lamps.




Foot Massage Mat

Increases circulation and relieves stress. Portable, lightweight, and convenient.


Horizontal screw mount clamp. Available in black or white.


Tite-Grip metal clamp for all swing-arm lamps

Color: Black, Ivory, or White



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